they had a argument did they stick together?

They had an argument about  james fancying sarah but then sarah come over to them and said " james can i go out with you"  "yes" james said.... alex was so angry about james goning out with her mate sarah so she walked off ...... Some time later alex was sitting in the bar with sally her mate talking about sarah and james and then james came over sally left " what do you want james" alex said. " will you got out with me again alex" james whisperd to alex " yes i will " said alex.So alex and james went to get a drink and they sat down james said " alex sit on my knee " "ok " said alex so alex sat on james knee... Sally and sarah were sat at the very front and alex and james were sat at the very back together " KISS ME ALEX " james said "ok" said alex. So alex and james were kissing for a long time. Some time later they were getting bored " do u want to go to the room" said james "ok" said alex. So they walked up to the room still holding hands. They got into the room and alex and james got there pj's on and then miss come in and said " NO CARRING ON ALEX AND JAMES" "ok" said alex and james james slept in a single bed and alex slept in a double bed but as soon as miss walked out .......

The End

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