did james and alex split up

Miss Jones was staring at the wall and drinking a cup of tea whilst leaning back in a reclining seat. She was enjoying listening to the sound of the sea.

Two of her pupils, Alex and James, came up and asked something about their accommodation - could one of them get out of their room or swap a room or something. She wasn't really listning so just said, "Yes".

A bit later Mr. Smith came down with a newspaper. Wasn't it terrible, what was happening in Kosovo, he wondered?

"Yes," she agreed, hoping he'd go away.

A bit later Miss Jones was leaning back in her reclining seat, staring at the wall and listening to the sea when Alex and James came up to her again.

"Miss," said Alex, "can James and me go down to the beach together? We want to find a cave."

"Yes," said Miss Jones.

To her relief they left. Miss Jones started to think about food. She was getting very hungry. Somehow, though, the idea of getting out of her chair seemed worse than the idea of not eating. So she sat and sat and sat...

Mr. Smith came back later with a pink cake.

"Would you like some of this?" he asked.

"Yes," said Miss Jones.

She enjoyed the cake. She wished he'd brought her a bit more, though. And why just sweet stuff? Savory was nice too - he should have known that.

Half an hour later Miss Jones was alone again. It must have been high tide now and there was a bit of a breeze blowing up. She lit a cigarette and stared at the wall some more. It sounded like quite a storm.

Presently she heard the sound of crying children. James and Alex came back from the sea. Apparently they had nearly been cut off by the sea, they explained. They'd both been so scared. They said they would go back to their bedroom now to comfort each other. "You will keep this all a secret from our parents, won't you?" asked James.

"Yes," said Miss Jones.

Fortunately they left again. All these interrupions were quite stressful, thought Miss Jones. She'd really sleep well tonight, she could tell.

Mr. Smith came down stairs looking rather upset. He showed his fellow teacher the business news. His shares were going down and down as the market crashed.

"Look at that one! And that one! And that one!" he said, sounding slightly hysterical. "Isn't it frightening what's going on?"

"Yes," said Miss Jones.

She thought it a little inconsiderate of him not to have brought her any food but he made up for it by opening up a bottle of wine.

"Ah, well - we can drown our sorrows in this, ay?" he said, getting out two glasses and starting to pour.

"Yes," said Miss Jones.

She helped herself to more of it every time his back was turned and said "Yes" every time he suggested her glass needed re-filling.

"It doesn't seem to go very far, this wine, does it?" he asked.

Miss Jones did not reply.

"Shall I open up another one?" he asked.

"Yes," said Miss Jones.

There was again the sound of children crying. Mr. Smith looked panic-stricken.

"Here, I'll leave you with them," he said and raced upstairs before Alex and James could pour out their woes.

"Miss," said Alex. "I don't love James anymore, he's been nasty to me."

"Liar!" said James. "I was only trying to comfort you after those caves we were in."

"But I didn't like what you said - that wasn't comforting and I never ever ever ever want to see you again!"

She cried her eyes out.

Miss Jones adjusted her seat so that she could see a bit more wall.

"Miss," said James, trying not to cry. "Don't you think it's mean when you're trying to be nice to someone and they throw it back in your face?"

"Yes," agreed Miss Jones, who wasn't really interested.

"See?" said James, a triumphal look coming over his face.

"Well she would agree with you, wouldn't she? You've always been the teacher's pet!" howled Alex and stormed off.

James looked at his teacher.

"Miss?" he asked.

"Yes?" asked Miss Jones.

"Could I try some of your wine, please?"

"Yes," said Miss Jones. The two of them drank together for a while.

"I feel really sick," said James after a while. He threw up in the hatstand.

"You will keep it a secret that I did that, won't you?" he asked.

"Yes," said Miss Jones.

"Good night, Miss," said James, staggering up the stairs.

Mr. Smth came down again.

"More problems," he said. "The hotel say the school hasn't paid the bill and we're all going to get kicked out tomorrow. I don't know where we're going to go. I'm so angry. Aren't you?"

"Yes," said Miss Jones.

"Fancy a beer?" he asked.

Miss Jones stared at the wall and listened to the sea.

"Yes," she said.

"Fancy moving into my room?" asked Mr. Smith.

Miss Jones said...

The End

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