" No are you stupid? " shouted miss Jones mr.smith went out of the classroom and banged the door behind him . Alex and James went to sit down . Miss Joness got up out of her sit and put the class into pairs and you will never guss what she put Alex and James into a pair . " Miss" shouted Alex " yes" said Miss " can i change pairs " said Alex " errr NO!" shouted Miss . As soon as Miss Jones put them into pairs she sat down on her soft chair and said to the whole class " right now you can talk to each other" .So Alex and James were put into pairs by Miss Jones. Alex still fancied James and James still fancied Alex " sorry for that email i sent you" said Alex " its ok " repled James. " Have you dumped sarah?" asked Alex " yes i have i hate her now " whispered James in Alex's ear . Miss Jones put a film on called deep impacted and the class was watching that James slowly and carefully placed this hand on Alex's thigh Alex looked at James and smiled and he smiled back at her " Alex do u fancy me?" whispered James in her ear " yes of course i do " said Alex softly . "Do you fancy me?"asked Alex  " yh i do " whispered James to Alex . " Do you want to go to the cinima after school? " asked James " ok " said Alex " i have booked the back seats for us " said James . It was home time Alex and James walked down to the bus bay together and then hugged and kissed each other " see ya tonite" said James and he snogged Alex " bye" said Alex " see ya " said James . As soon as Alex got in from school she asked her mam if she could go and she said yes her dad was at work so she couldn't ask him as well . Alex went stright to her bedroom and took her school clothes off and put her best outfit on for James.She wore a lovely red, shiney dress with some red flat shoes and a red bag and lots of make up on. She looked at the clock it was 5:00pm they was a knock on the door Alex's mam went to answer it " alex it is for you! " shouted her mam " coming" shouted Alex " i am going mam bye " said Alex and kissed james on the lips and hugged him " you look so cute Alex " whispered James " thanks you to " said Alex . They were at the cinima they both got out of the taxi and walked into the cinima there were going to watch handcock "it is very funny" said James " ok" said Alex they waited it the que they handed thier tickets in and went to the back row and sat on a seat each the film started and they watched all of it .....

The End

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