what dose james do ?

"Sarah?" called out James. "Sarah? Come and have a look at this!"

Sarah came in from next door in her t-shirt and knickers. Her hair was wet as she'd just had a shower. She hadn't yet had time to put her jeans on.

"Look at this psycho e-mail," he said.

Sarah leant over and read it. It said, "I know what you have been saying behind my back all this time. I never ever ever want to go out with you again. I HATE you!!!"

The word "hate" had a red devil avatar next to it blowing smoke and fire and filled the screen, causing a virus and making James' computer crash.

"Who was that from?" asked Sarah, towelling her hair dry.

"Someone called Alex," said James. "Who's Alex? What have I done to offend him? Or her?"

Sarah went pale.

"James, it's Alex, I mean... ALEX!"

"What?" he asked.

"School Alex, remember? Your first girlfriend?"

"No, why would she be sending me creepy e-mails now after all this time?"

Sarah told him about the curtain man and the chat they'd had and how she'd guessed that his daughter must be the Alex they'd known from school and how, from what she'd heard, Alex had now gone completely nuts.

"Oh, well, cheers, Sarah. I mean, yeah, cheers. Why'd you chat to that old idiot anyway?"

There was a buzzing sound and sparks started to fly from the wall. An oxycetelene torch was clearly being used to cut a hole in the shape of a door in their wall.

The panel fell away, smoking, and there stood a woman with long black hair, black fingernails, black lipstick, a glass of tomato juice in one hand and an oxycetelene torch in the other. Her face was pale but had a kind of insane smugness about it as she sipped her tomato juice.

"Excuse my cutting in like this," said Alex, "but I think the three of us have some unfinished business to deal with."

The End

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