The school trip

One scorching hot day alex was in her hotal room she was on a trip with her school to lanzarote. She was sharing a room with her friends sally and sarah they were on the trip to. Then there was a knock on the door sally went to answer it sally shouted " it is for you alex" alex walked to the door. It was james and his mates at the door " hi alex" said his mates " hi alex" said james " hey lads" said alex " do you want to come to the beach" said james " yes" said alex. So alex and her two friends sally and sarah and james and all of his mates went to the beach.... some time later alex said "i am goning to get changed in to my swimming suit "  " ok " said james she come out with her swim suit on and all of the lads were staring at her even james. " do u like me alex" whisperd james"yes of course i like you james" whisperd alex " do you want to go out with me alex" said james to alex " yes" said alex to james.... " kiss me alex " said james so alex looked around to make sure no one was looking and then she kissed him on the lips..... and then alex sat on his knee and on there way back to the hotal room alex and james held hands all the way.. When they got to the hotal alex went to the teacher and said to her " miss can me and james share a room please" " yes " said miss  so james move all of his stuff into alexs room and they shared  a room......

The End

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