The train came to a stop.  A very sharp stop. 

Emmie stood up and walked to the front of the car.  She put her hand on the door and pulled.

"OPEN UP!" she yelled.  Than, a voice came out of no where.

"Emmline, step away from the door. You will be freed in a second. But, you must all sit in your places." the voice stoped.  We all ran to the seats we woke up in.

Than the door opened.

A tall women with glossy blonde hair, and in a dress walked in.

"Hello Childern, I'm Asbeth. I will help you make your plans on the Island, and in The School. Now, I'm not to tell you a lot about where you are, or why your here. But, I can give you the basics. Nod if you understand." Six heads nodded in reply.

''Good.  Now, the reason you are here is so we can protcet you. Now, I know one of your parnets had a er..problem with your leaving, um..Bella Luo?" She looked me in the eye.


"Well, she had the right to be worried."

The End

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