I didn't know where I was when I first woke up. Or who I was.  All I knew was I wasn't suspoes to be here. 

I think I reamber dance class. Showing off my Lyical Dacne. But, after that all I reamber is me walking home and being kidnapped. My kidnapper saying 'Your Mummy knows where your going'. If I would haved belived him, I would have came quitly.

But, now I'm sitting on a train. Next to me is a girl with brown hair, and big brown eyes.  She kept talking about her Mamma. Saying when the man came to take her , her Mamma almost killed herself.  The girl is crying now.

"I don't know why Mamma pulled out that knife! I just don't know!" she said.  I patted her on the back.

"It's Ok. Your Mamma was just sad thhat you where living. At least you got say bye to your Mom. I was taken after dance." I said.  I patted her on the back.  The girl sopped crying.

"You don't know where we are going?" she said.

"No. None of us do." said a boy with copper hair. He peeked over the seat in front of us. "All Evan and I know is there are six of us. Three boys, three girls. Oh, by the way, I'm Luke Goldsburgh. Thats Evan..um what was it?'' he said to the boy sitting next to him.

"Johnson." he said.

"Oh, ok. Any way, I know the other two's name. Grace, and Loagn. They are walking around, looking for the food car. But, I don't think they will have any luck."

The girl next to me stood up. "I don't know any of ya'll's name. I'm Bella Lou. But, call me Bella. I come from Buck Country, Ohio." she fixed her plaid dress, than sat down.

"Um..I'm Emmline. I'm a dancer from Pttsburgh, Pa.  But, does any one nowhere we are going?"  I said. I turned to lok out the window. Only, there wasn't one.

"Well," said a voice. "where ever it is, we are almost there." A girl with black hair walked up to us. "Dose any one know if we have cell service out here? I need to call my little sister to tell her what to do if our parnets..um..fight."

"No, we don't have phone service." Evan said. "I've been trying to text my Mom.  But, I can't. My phone just shuts off."

"Thats odd." I said.

I had a feeling that who ever had us, did not want us to make phone calls.

The End

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