I took one look at the test. And, I almost died.  What is this garbage? I mean, yea I go to pupilc school, and public schools need money. BUT WHY MAKE US TAKE TESTS!!

"Ok, class, you may now begin.  You have till lunch. Don't rush, take your time. It's not a race. You may read when your done." I sighed as Mrs. Avery finshed talking. I picked up my pencil. The qustions didn't look THAT tough, but they looked hard.

66 x 5 = 330

If Bob has ten pens, than buys 550 more, how many does he have? 556, I write.

The qustions are like those the entrire way. By the time I'm done, its ten thrity.  But, than I see my teacher has wrote a math qustion on the bored.

A van travels a maximum of 100 km/h. Its speed decreases in proportion with the number of passengers. The van can carry a maximum of seven people. Given that the van can travel 88 km/h with 3 people in the van, what will be the speed of the van when 6 people are on board? 

I took one look, and knew the answer.   BC/ED = AB/AE

4/ED = 3/1
3 ED = 4
length ED = 4/3

Could it be any simpler? No.

It was eleaven when every one else was finshed, so we  had a half hour to kill.

"Evan?" said Mrs. Avery


"The Princple wants to talk to  you. Go, down now." she said. I stood up and walked to the door. When I opened it, my hands where sweating. 

I walked down the hallway, down the stairs and to the main office. When  walked into Mr. Tomsons office, a man sat in his desk.

"Hello, Evan. Do you know me?"

The End

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