I don't really know that much about girls. Even though I live in a house full of them. I'm the only boy and I swear I do everything!! Like, last week when the sink got clugged when Mary was shaving, I had to de-cloug it.  Trust me, that was not a pretty site.

But, Mom still makes sure I do things a normal boy would do.  Like, football. As a fourteen year boy, Mom thinks I should play football in Middle School.  Really, I'd like to play baseball and track. But, Mom says all the girls love the star quterback.  If only girls loved the lanebacker......

Another bad part about being the only boy is sleelping in the attic. Not really the attic, but the top leavel of our home.  I know what your thinking, it must be huge!, no. It's tiny. Super tiny.

In my family we have, Mom (Carrie), Joan, Polly, Lydia, Me, Mary, Hattie, Lucy, and Rnee. That's in age order. So, we have a range of 42, (I'm really suspose to tell moms age) and 10. In kids we have 17 to 10.

The End

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