I closed my eyes and tried to think about something happy. I wish I could, 'cause I don't know anything happy. 

The shouts carried up stairs.  I shoved my I-pod headphones in my ears and begin to sing as loud as I could. I really didn't want Nina to here our parnerts fight. 

"Grace?" said my little sister. She poked her tiny head in the door. She had long, black hair.  She was so pretty, and smart. Only, now we both look like the homeless.

"Yea, Nina?" I said. She took a few steps into my room.  I patted the spot beside me.

"Sissy, I'm scared! I don't want Mommy and Daddy to divorce. I don't wan't two diffent Mommy's!" Her blue eyes filled with tears as she sat by my left foot.  My eyes filled with tears, as I hugged my little sister.

"I DON'T CARE, LARRY! THE GIRLS NEED FOOD!" I coverd Nina's ears as my Mother yelled.

"I know, Nina. Listen, I'll be here with you no matter what! If I'm at school, and this happens, call Grandma. Or, Aunt Nikkie. Or, my track phone.School is almost done so I can live early, acting sick.  But, Nina, don't tell any body out side of our family about the fights, they will call CYS, and take us away." I patted her hair. "Now, lets listen to some music."  I  had to make sure Nina never got invovled in these fights.  I thought. I'll do anythnig to make sure she has a normal childhood.

I coverd Nina up, and put the other head phone in her ear. I crawled out of my bed, and opened up the window to the fire exit. I crawled thourgh the window.

When I was on the steps, I begin to cry. I couldn't keep us safe anymore.


The End

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