The School

There is a school for a hand full of kids. These kids are one of kind, but they don't know it.


I sat on the cold, wooden floor. My think, red hair was pulled back off my face. Jenna stood in the center of the dance floor, waiting for my dance teacher to put on her music. We where showing our solo dance's. And, we where being tested. Jenna's music came on. 

She started out with a leap. After that, I didn't really watch. Instead, I ploted my  dance. I mean, I know it. But, how I want it to be seen. Do I want the audince tobe grabbed in, and try to copy me, or do I want to show off. I think I'll go with showing off.

Jenna's song endded, and she give a big smile as she got a big round of claps. Jenna was a aweful dancer. The only reason she dance's is her mom think's it will help her acting carrer. I've seen her act, and my god it sucks. I can't even act, but I do it better than she does.

"Good job, Jenna! Up next we have Emmie." said Kelly, the Dance teacher.  Since I was in lyrical, (I really don't care for it, but I still take it.) I had to do extra good.

I stood in the middle of the floor and waited for "Better than a Hallelujah", to come on.

The End

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