The Scholarship

My story is about a boy name Jarrett. Jarrett recieve a scholarship to any school of his choose but he was a drug dealer in the street. He lived in New Orleans, Louisisana.


The day Jarrett received his scholarship; he was as nervous and dizzy as a spinning top. This was something Jarrett wanted in life.  However, life had not been so wonderful.  He was affiliated with drug dealing. Jarrett was very popular in school and on the streets. He and mother lived in a very great neighborhood in New Orleans – the French Quarter.

“Hi son how was your day at school?” his mother asked.

“Fine,” Jarrett replied, “but I was wondering if my life could get better if I went to school with my scholarship.”

“You could do anything in life if you put your head into it. Son, you’re just addicted to drug dealing. Why is it so hard for you to stop selling drugs?”

“Mother, it’s just something I want do in life because it a way to make good money. But

I know how easy it is in New Orleans to get caught up in the drug business.”

“You can get money in life by doing the right thing and not going down the wrong path.’’

‘’Well, I’m going to go to my school counselor and try to get into a good college and choose a career choice.’

The next school morning Jarrett reported to his counselor. He was asking for help to better his life and the counselor knew his situation. So first she talked to him about getting counseling and advice on how to do better in school. Then they helped him make a career choice.

Jarrett said to Ms. Bullman, “I really need help getting myself together.”

She replied, “Well first you have to get your mind off the streets and get dedicated to school and your work.”

“I’m trying but I following my father foot step but I see it’s not the thing to do in life.

I’m really trying to use my scholarship because I want to go to southern university,” Jarrett said.

Jarrett’s confessing his problem

Ms. Bullman replied and said,” I understand but I want you to take and ACT test to go to this college and be whatever you want to be in life.”

“Thank you Ms.Bullman. I really thank you for the advice today but I will register and take it, okay?”

“Ok sweetie!” Ms. Bullman replied.

Later on in life and the school year Jarrett really did what he had to do to go to the college he wants to go to. He was a really smart boy and was really dedicated. Jarrett had to take the ACT and scored a 23 on it. Now at this point in life he sees it is good to do the right thing and not do the wrong thing. He realized it is easier to follow direction than to really apply to living a good life. Jarrett counselor helps him get into Southern University. That was his goal and he accomplished it.

Jarrett home talks to his mother now.

“Son I’m very proud of you.” The mother responded.

“Thanks mother I knew I could do anything in life if I just focused and did the right thing in life.”

 “His eye’s pop out his head like a cartoon character.”

“He was really happy.”

The time came when Jarrett was on his way to college. His mother was very proud and excited her son was going on to college. Jarrett began college and he made a career choice to be an Engineer.

The End

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