The Scheming Employer

The course of my deployment to Stonewall was a matter of consulting.  My employer, a greedy man whose name I need not mention, because we are no longer in good company, had sent me, alongside his lavish gold toothed sneer on one of his routine commissions to engage in what was likely to amount in trickery.    Stonewall’s librarian, Gertrude vanderSnoot, (I would not be improper enough to make these names up) had frequently become a matter of Stonewall town council debate because of her insistence to keep its library open from 7:00 am until 10pm.   Some were arguing it seemed that she should be bound by the library’s posted hours, a far more modest arrangement from late in the morning until just after dinner.  My role would be to investigate and report in writing my findings, which I indirectly relate to you, to clear my conscience regarding dubious goals, extracting a pricey sum.

From what I had learned, this discussion would likely come to nothing.  It was well known that her insistence on keeping the library open had outlived five mayors, with the conclusion always coming to rest that as long as Ms. vanderSnook was willing to keep the building open longer than its mandate, without asking more from public coffers, then why should they offer any resistance?

I suppose, however, that there are those who insist on structure above all, and as one councilman named Franz, a newer councilman, had demanded, whether it made sense to any of those present to debate, there was a reason for taxpayer’s concern, one of which was mere electricity.  My employer had given me a silver pen as a promise of good faith, inscribed with his name, though I didn’t expect it to keep its shine, nor his promise.

So, it was that I began my interviews, only to be led astray by citizenry who would choose to opine on their chosen subjects, rather than my subject of study, infuriating my deliberation.

The End

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