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            Sixxer could tell he was scrambling and running again, his voice broken.  His vision coming back showed the giant still standing, not moving.  His arms were now by his side, still looking to the sky as if he was still laughing, but no sound came from the helmet.  Sixxer looked for his revolver,  it was by the giant's feet.  He scrambled to his feet and dove for it.

            Can't miss from 5 feet.

            He slid into the gun and rolled onto his back, only not to see the giant look down at him and rage, but a red pole emitting from between the wheels and continuing all the way to the ground.  He stared at it until the dust from the wind made him turn away.

            "You won't be needing that anymore."

            Sixxer rolled to look around the dead man, sights on the hooded man's chest.  His brown robe almost covered his face completely, but still visible was a mask.

            "Who are you?"  Sixxer's voice was broken.  The dust and the adrenaline did not help things process, nor did then giant slamming him headfirst into the concrete.

            "I am called Chum'tai.  And you must be Jacob."

            "Sir?"  Fungus chimed in.  Heavy breathing, not broken.  He's in a shooting position."

            "Outcast retired." Sixxer's gun still on the stranger.

            "And this guy?"        

            Sixxer looked him over.  No guns visible.  Just a knife.

            "Hardly armed."

            "Your assistant is skilled with his weapon, as are you.  But he is foolish to leave you with the more," a pause in his voice as he looked to the dead Outcast, "challenging target."

            "Who are you?"  He knew the stranger was right.  If any target should have been killed, it should have been this one.  Sixxer could have taken the other one easily over that distance.  Three shots to the head would have been much easier than this.

            "I am Chum'tai,  man of The Plains.  And I have been sent to find the Civics.  I was told to ask you."

            Sixxer's eyebrows dropped.  He had never been referred by anyone for anything good.  Always bad.  usually, very bad.  That's the price you pay to acquire certain talents and skills, you have to learn them from bad people.

            "If you're from the plains, then you must be a Duster.  Which I don't think anyone has ever met one of you."

            Oh of course they have, they just didn't know it.  I would love to finish this conversation but we must really be moving.  These were two scouts that I was trying to remove.  They have been following you for 3 days.  I followed them into this building when I saw your scout's lens reflecting light from the tree line.   He should watch the direction of the sun better, but an easy mistake for a new team member am I right?"

            "Is he talking about me?" the scout asked into the radio.

            "Shut up, Fungus." snapped Sixxer as he yanked the earpiece out.

The End

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