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"I got nothing out here, run!:

            Table and chairs flew through the air as the man ran through them.  His metal coating reflecting bullets that Sixxer sent his way did not stop Sixxer from trying.  He stepped faster, keeping his sights on target. 

            Neck. No good shot.

            Chest. Too much metal.

            Knees. Covered by metal again.

            Eye opening.

            He was now close enough to see why he did not carry a weapon. In each hand he carried a thick chain, wrapped around itself multiple times.  It did not swing, but was fixed tight.  Sixxer pumped rounds faster, aiming for the hole between his eyes.  Sparks flew off the wheels as the rounds bounced off harmlessly. Sixxer's rifle clicked. 


            He yanked at the charging handle and began to aim again.


            A weapon malfunction.  He swung it to his side and pulled his pistol.  He spun and put a bullet through the glass door down the court and ran towards it.  His heart was beating so violently it seemed like it was being ripped out.

            Get outside, get outside, let his scout shoot him.  50 yards.

            ""I'm coming out the north side! Get ready!"

            The smashing and shouting continued to get closer.  Sixxer looked behind him, pistol raised, and placed the rest of his shots into the man.  He slowed none.  Turning back to the door, he dropped the pistol to his side and reached behind him, pulling his revolver.  Even in the dark it was reflecting the streaks of light that came through the ceiling.  He placed one shot into Rep'tu's helmet, enough to rock his head. Almost through the door.  He turned forward again as Rep'tu made a final push to grab him.

            "Coming out!"

            As Sixxer stepped into the sun, he felt the cargo back strap tighten around his chest.  He lost all the air in his chest as the bag was pulled backwards, Sixxer flying into the air.  The blinding sun was followed by darkness and a resounding thump on his head as he smashed into the concrete ground. 

            "No shot! I have no shot!"

            He tightened each fist around the chains in his hands while he approached Sixxer, lying in a heap of weeds in the corner of the mall entrance. 

            "You thought you could beat me? Nobody has come close little man."

            As Sixxer watched, the giant reeled back and let a cry for a victor, a shout that all Outcasts did after battle.  Even through his helmet, the voice carried far.  Far enough that his scout could hear.

            "Sir! I can't get a shot, I'm moving!  Get out of there!"

The End

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