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Sixxer blinked.  His scout was right, the man was wearing a hollowed out wheel as a neck guard. and another on top with a hole cut out for his eyes.  They continued to walk by, careless of Sixxer.  His sight never left the closer one as he crossed the entire food court.  Much to Sixxer's dismay, they stopped right before walking out the door.

            "Looks like their fighting about something." Fungus was now whispering again.  They weren't going to hear him from 400 yards, but that doesn't mean there weren't more outside.

            "I'm going to take them out."

            Sixxer stopped breathing again.  Take one out, the other is going into a rampage.  Maybe he would get the other in the field, but if he doesn't then there would be nothing Sixxer could do to stop him.  Or, worst case scenario, there are more nearby that were unseen, and then would flood the area trying to find the two of them.  Lose-lose.  But if he got their attention, they would be out of line of sight for Fungus, so Sixxer would have to take two of them by himself.  Lose-lose-lose.  Sixxer moved his hand slowly to cover his mouth.

            "Negative.  Let them pass." his whisper barely made it to his scout.

            "Say again?"

            Sixxer pursed his lips.


            He didn't get to finish before the close one turned his head.  For such tiny ears, they were like bats. He swung his club off his shoulder to both hands, the concrete block on the end resting in one palm.  Sixxer placed his sight onto his chest.  One bullet would only piss him off.  He noticed now his sight was on the Outcast's feet, then the chest.

            Slow down, get control.

            The sound of shattering glass echoed through the vast building and the giant man's head tilted.  The steel-clad man looked to the glass, then to his accomplice before leaping to the wall.  The street sign bounced off the ground, followed by the man. 

            "Contact down."

            The steel giant looked around quickly.  Sixxer knew scout's cover was blown, but this Outcast was planning.  He moved his sights to his arms, the only exposed part.  The giant turned his back to him and filled the food court with his yell.

            "I am Rep'tu!  You will die today!"

            "Oh he's pissed."

            Rep'tu rolled his back onto the wall again and looked around the room.  His accomplice dead at his feet, the sight of which only angered him more.

            Com'on make a run for it.

             He didn't want to move, to make a sound.  The man looked around the room and then saw Sixxer, kneeling against the wall across the court.  Without cover.

            "You will die today, scavenger."  His throaty grumble was loud enough for Sixxer to hear.  He began to charge the scavenger.

            "He's on me!" Sixxer shouted as he stood and began to walk backwards.  No reason to be quiet now, he squeezed the trigger, sending a bullet into the giants arm.  

The End

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