walk behind him

Sam headed his way home, he went into a get coke, he reached his hand out to get it but someone elses hane grabbed it before him. The hand had a tatoo, the same one he had saw that day. Sam looked up to his face and saw the very same scar. It was that moment that he recognized the man. It was Peter Hevenson from the library.

Sam smiled at him, pretending he did not know anything. He smiled back.

 Sam followed him out the shop, and saw and saw him going into a nearby house. Sam remembered that had been there with his father, it was his boss house.

Sam sneaked through the back gate, even the door was unlocked. He went through the kitchen, and heard voices coming from the room.

"Todds done........gotto get rid of the other" said one of the men.

"Do you mean David?" asked the other.

Sam was shocked to hear that his dad was on the list. He moved back slowly, but bumped into the table behind him.

"There's someone here" whispered one of the men."They know"

Sam ran through the back door but someone grabbed him from the side.

He tried to scream, but no voice came out. He looked to see who it was and was relieved to see John.

"What are you doing here?" whispered John.

"I saw the man with the tatoo, he's Peter from the library. How did you know where to come?" Sam whispered back.

"I tracked down the jeep, and it belongs to your dads boss" replied John, "turns out they've put a few complaints about threatening to shut down the library. Now you wait here and i'll try to bring them down".

He saw John go inside. He heard a shot and ran to the front door incase they tried to escape. The front door opened and he saw John comimg out with both men handcuffed.

"Looks like your dads' gonna be safe" said John with a sigh of relief.

The End

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