The Scar

"Sam! Wake up, your going to be late for school again!"

Sam jumped out of bed and started to get ready.It was quarter to nine and he was very late. Sam had dark brown hair like his mothers, and black eyes. He was a tall and skinny boy and had fair skin like his fathers.

Sam ran down to have his breakfast. His sister Emma was sitting on the table having her cereal. Emma was regular eleven year old, and was very annoying according to her brother. Her hair was black and she had a few freckles on her cheeks.

"Ahh!" screamed Sam. "There's a big, scary bunny behind you!"

"Ha ha, very funny" said Emma. A few nights ago Emma had a nightmare about a scary bunny chasing her. She had woken up everyone in the house and Sam would not let her forget it.

Their mother came to the kitchen." What's all this racket about?" shouted their mother. "Sam your already late for school, do you really want to get expelled?"

Their mothers' name was Juliana, but everyone called her Juli. She was a very pretty lady and had sparkling blue eyes.

"Has dad gone to work?" asked Sam.

" Yes" replied Juli. "Dont think I'm not going to tell him about you being late again".

" Sorry, I'm going now, I just wanted to have some fun".

"Fun!" shouted Juli. " You think it's fun being late for school four times this week.They've already sent you a warning letter, what more do you want?"

Sam grabbed a toast in his hand and left for school. As he was walkling through a shortcut for his school, he saw two men running from an alley, dripping with blood. They looked around but Sam quickly hid behind the wall.

As soon as they had gone, Sam went to the alley and saw a man lying on the ground with a knife in his heart!

Sam was stunned with the shock of seeing a body on the ground, and worse, he was a witness. His first thought was to run away, but thought again and called the police.

 When the police arrived. Sam told the inspector everything he saw. The inspectors name was John and he was very muscular.

" Don't worry Sam" said John." I  wont let anyone know you were here".

" Thnk you inspector"

 "Call me John, now go to school and don't say a word to anyone, and I mean anyone, no one is to be trusted, you get me?"

" Yes John, thank you very much"

As soon as Sam got to school he got shouted by his english teacher. She yelled and yelled behind her big glasses, but Sam did not care, he was still shocked by what he had saw.

After a long and tiring day at school he walked his way home. He thought about everything he saw. Then suddenly he remembered that one of mens' face was covered but the other had a scar on his face. It was deep through the left cheek and a tatoo on his left arm.

 Sam quickly called John from his moblie and told him what he had remembered. He told Sam not to let anyone know this information, as Sam could get hurt if it went out in the wrong hands.

 Sam opened the front door of his house and saw his parents sitting in room. Juli heard Sam close the door and she ran to him with tears in her eyes.

 "I called your dad as soon as the inspector called.Oh! my baby boy.I shouldn't have sent you to school today. Oh! I don't want my baby boy to get hurt".

Sam was sixteen years old and he did not like being called a baby.

" Mum! I'm fine", comforted Sam " seriously".

" They didn't see you did they?" asked his dad.

" No dad, I hid behind the wall, I don't think they saw me".

Sam had never seen his parents look so worried. His dads' hair was messy and his brown eyes were watery.

"Does Emma know about it?" asked Sam.

"No, and don't you tell anything either. do you understand?" said David, his dad.

 "Yes dad".

" Now go to your room, I need to have a word with your mother."

Sam went to his room, and looked around. Everything seemed different to him. It was as if everything was staring at him. He thought about what he had remembered and knew he had seen the tatoo somewhere. But where? He just couldn't put his finger on it.

As he was thinking he heard his mother calling him. When he went down his mother was on the phone.

"Yeah, he's here" said Juli. "Here Sam, the inspector wants to talk to you."

"Hello" said Sam

" Hey, how are you doing?"

" I'm fine, did you get anyone?"

" No, but I was wondering if you could come to my office."

" Why?"

"We got a few picturesof tatoo's and want you to tell us specifically which one it was".

"O.k., i'll be there in half an hour".

Sam put the phone down and headed to the door.

" What did he say?" asked Juli.

"They got  a few pictures of tatoos and want me to look at them." replied Sam

" Tatoo?" shouted David. " You didn't mention anything about a tatoo."

"Oh, sorry dad" yelled Sam. " it's not like I witnessed a murder or something!"

 Sam slammed the front door behind himin rage. How could his dad think that Sam wouldn't tell him anything.  After all Sam was still shocked.

As Sam was walking, he remembered that there was a jeep waiting there that morning. He wondered if it was there waiting for the men or it was there by coincidence.

When he reached the station he headed straight into Johns office. He was sorting a pile of pictures.

"Come in Sam" Said John.

It was a dark room with a single light above the desk. It had a dusty sort of smell and the shelves were stacked with files and books.

 "I wanted you to know that we identified the man" said John. "His name was Tod Henry".

"I've heared about him" interrepted Sam. " He worked with my dad".

"Yes, yes, i know, I've already called your dad, he will be here in an hour or two" replied John.

"What about the tatoo pictures, can I see them now?"

"Yes, here they are, can you remember which one it was?"

"I think it was this one" replied Sam, pulling  out a picture from the pile.  "I also just remembered to tell you that there was a jeep there that day, I don't think there was anyone in the front seat, so one of the men could have been the driver".

"A very useful piece of information, thank you" smiled John.

The End

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