the sarting of a new life

My name is Jonathan an Officer in the Marine Corp and this is my story. I was so excited to be on that bus to the base in Guatemala. I had just landed and the bus was taking us to the barracks and then the mess hall. Is 5 o’clock in the morning we all are going to the Mess Hall for our equipment and then we go out to the training area. But before we go out to the training area we are going to supporting the marines that are flying the Harriers for the last time here at this base. They wish that they weren’t here right now because they want to go home and see there children or wives or girlfriend’s that haven’t answered there question. This is my starting of a new life all over again. I got this idea from my uncle how was I the Air Force for about 20-30 years. I lived with him for a long time but I think I know why my parents decided to send me to him. It was to fix the way I act around other people and to fix the fact that I was getting into to may fights. So one night my uncle was in the U.S. he dropped by and told me to say goodbye to my mom and dad. I said bye and walked of with him but I started thinking is this because of me or is this because of them? Anyway the meaning of this is I was taken from my parents when I was little. Some times I still think back about that but it doesn’t bother me much. Right now It is bugging me a lot due to my Uncle. He has been messing with me by telling me that they will come back someday and I really hate it!Some of the people have pets that they have found or something that they find cool. most of us have picked up random pieces of shrapmail from some of the people in the hospital tent.  The rest of us just sit there and wait while for something to happen or something to do.

The End

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