"Well, get up here, lass!" Sarcasm climbed to the third floor and called down to Ninty. "What?" Ninty yelled back. "I said get up here, Ninty! We're going to show you around our home, the rooftop!" Sarcasm stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Cat mewed, "You do that," he jumped from Sarcasm's shoulder to the ground and continued, "I don't approve of keeping her here!" And with that, Cat walked away.

Sarcasm shrugged. Ninty's legs turned to jelly. Climb up to the roof on a disconnected pipe? Aren't there stairs? she thought. As if reading her mind, Sarcasm said, "Stairs don't lead to roof! Now come on, I'll pull you!" He slid down the pipe back to the second floor and held his hand out. Ninty jumped and grabbed his hand with both her hands.

"Man, you're heavy." Sarcasm said between pants at the fourth floor.

"So I am. What are you going to do about it?" Ninty replied.

"Never offer to pull you up again!" Sarcasm fell onto a pillow he had left outside as soon as he and Ninty got to the roof.

"That would be wise." Ninty smirked. She thought that Sarcasm wasn't very smart. There were so many crates forming a staircase up to the roof in the alley. She noticed it halfway up, he hadn't noticed it all the time he lived there. And then a question came to her mind, why was he, a random young boy, living on a rooftop in the city with a cat? She must have said it out loud too, or at least she thought so, because Sarcasm thought for a while and said, "Actually, I have no idea." He fell into deep thought, and continued in that deep thought until he stood up and was going to say something when he fainted, back onto the pillow. At this moment, Cat appeared from behind the tent. "What the..." Ninty began saying. "Sarcasm isn't Sarcasm anymore. Leave before something bad happens, Ninty." Cat mewed the first words Ninty understood. And then everything turned into grey, pink, yellow and orange swirls around her. Ninty then began screaming at the top of her lungs, and she screamed and screamed all the way till she sat up in the tent and hit her forehead against Sarcasm's forehead which made Cat fall off of his shoulder and scratch her knee which made her scream all over again. "Ninty!" Sarcasm grabbed Ninty's shoulders and shook her but she just continued screaming. "Ninty! Ninty Farewell!" Sarcasm called again and shook Ninty some more. Ninty opened her eyes and saw Sarcasm, who she slapped before she stopped screaming. She then fell back asleep. Sarcasm and Cat exchanged glances. "What just happened?" Sarcasm asked. "I have no idea." Cat mewed back.

After that, the duo called Ninty 'Screamgirl'.

The End

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