The Sapphire Sword

He found it when he was young; maybe twelve, thirteen. It was beautiful to him, but he couldn't hold it without it shocking his arm off. He needed to become a vampire to hold the Sapphire Sword.

I woke up one day when I was twelve; maybe thirteen. It was the year 1913. I'd gotten up at about 5:00 AM to start working on my father's farm. I'd put on my clothes, and walked slowly out into the dark night that covered the green field. I breathed, and my breath came out of my mouth like smoke.

Something blue glowed at the end of the field. Wierd. I went round the field every moring, afternoon and night, and I didn't see anything there last night. I wandered over there, frowning. When I got to the end of the field, I saw what was there. A Crusaider Sword. It was beautiful; the hilt was mostly Sapphire, but some of it was metal. The steel blade had ancient inscriptions engraved in the long sharp blade.

I was told by my father never, never to touch sharp things. I ran towards my old, small house.

"Dad!" I was screaming, "Dad! Something's in the field! It's a sword!"

"A sword?" he called from out of the window, his mouth rose into a smile, "I'll be right down, don't touch it!" he called, running around the room, collecting his work clothes.

The End

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