The Sands of Time - Prolouge

Eluinn's parents were murdured in a terrible village raid and now she's the only survivor. She needs to find out what to do, how to do it, and why the heck it had to happen to her. Criticism is welcomed and enjoyed. There is always room for improvement! :D

                I remember it like it was yesterday... I had just turned five and we were dancing and singing, such joy... Then there was a loud crash, like an explosion. My mother and father rushed outside telling me to stay behind, unwittingly, I followed them. Maybe if I had understood what was happening or the scene that unfolded before me, I could have helped, instead, they died...

                When I left the safety of my home I saw the fires, and the houses that were no longer standing, the piles of rubble. But, most of all, I saw the daemons. The large dark figures had mangled faces, spikes everywhere, and killed everything in sight. These horrific monsters shuffled through the rubble and homes moving and causing destruction everywhere. A few of these creatures were attacking my parents, I had never seen them fight, let alone so well. When out of nowhere one of them grabbed me, I screamed. My arm hurt as splinters, made of what to this day I still don't know, sunk into my skin and droplets of red fell to the ground. The creature said strange words, excited words I couldn't understand. My parents turned and froze in fear. My mother starred in horror and my father said words I fear I'll never remember.

                I squirmed as much as I could, trying to get out of its grasp, without avail. After several long, deep gashes in my arm it was becoming difficult to feel my hand anymore as it went numb. Then it happened. A ghastly figure in strange black armor, just as horrid as the daemons themselves, came and sliced my parents’ throats . At once they both fell... Dead.

                I screamed, willing them to get up, and the dark figure noticed that I was dangling in the air. He started to move towards me. I willed myself to run away, to escape this tormenting nightmare and suddenly, the daemon released me and shrieked a terrible sound as if in pain. It caused my ears to throb in pain but I realized my opportunity and ran as quickly as I could to the forest. I could hear them behind me trampling the plants as they went, but I just kept running.

                I fell into a small hole but stayed quiet . I waited quietly , shaking from fear, ‘til the pounding sounds of my pursuers had faded. As I got up I realized I was underground. There was mold all over the walls and giant toadstools on the ground, multicolored, some glowing. I could see roots coming from the roof and the air smelt of the forest after it had rained.

                I stared at the path in front of me and decided to walk down it before something else showed up. I began to look in wonder at the marvelous things all around me. I soon saw the end of the tunnel, opening into a large circular room. On the ground there was what appeared to be matted grass, dry and old. There was a large boulder in the middle and I noticed another tunnel on the other side of the cave. I went around along the wall, easing my childish conscience by thinking it made me harder to spot, to the other tunnel, knowing I couldn't go back. I heard a sound behind me and spun around so fast I became dizzy. I quickly discovered what the boulder really was.

                It was a dragon. It was twice the size of me, which wasn't saying much, green with black streaks on its wings and stumps on its head where horns would later grow. I nearly forgot to breath, wondering if this was another one of the creatures. It made a small movement towards me and cocked its head, apparently interested in me. It suddenly lunged towards me and I turned to run.

                   I raced down the tunnel behind me. The dragon followed close behind, never missing a step. Right turn, it was still there, left turn, at my heels, then I saw an opening with light shining through, the end of the tunnel. I didn't see the root at the end of the cave and I tripped. I looked up not only seeing the dragon in front of me but also a beautiful paradise. Lush, green, grass, a gorgeous waterfall, many animals, it was breathtaking, it still is...

                Then the dragon began to jump around, "I win!" It laughed. I stared at it, utterly confused. "What never seen a dragon dance before?" It peered down at me.

                "No," I said getting up, "as a matter-of-fact, I've never seen a dragon before at all."

                "What!?" It shouted at me as its mouth began to hang open. Then it shook its head, recovering from the apparently startling news. "So you weren't racing with me?" It asked.

                "No... I was, uh... running away," I said cautiously.

                "Well, there's no need to be afraid," it said. "Come, I'll show you around the garden." The dragon began to walk away and I simply stared after her, "well hurry up will you? I'm Foresies by the way. What's your name?"

                "El-Eluinn," I stuttered.

                "Well then Eluinn, welcome to the Lentilis Garden." It said as we came to the top of a hill, from which, the entire garden was visible. At once, I knew I was safe.

The End

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