The Samurai and Ninjas

Father is killed by ninjas and his son wants to get revenge

The Bokken was not just a sword but an extension of his body. The wood felt smooth in his hand and moved fluently with him when he was doing the kata. The sweat was pouring down his face, the anger not shown. He had heard his father had just died and was taking it all out with his training. He was of age to become samurai and follow his Lord (his father), but how could he live knowing that his father’s murderer was still alive? He did not know? What should he do? How could his father die without honour by assassination?  Was all going through his head before he started the training? But when he was doing his kata (patterns of strikes put together in a form) his mind was not thinking of all that just the next strike, some would say this was a state of no mind. After three hours he finished, and so he goes to the kyudojo (training for archery). He shoots three arrows on the target, the first shot the centre red the second right above the first and the third to the right of this. He was joined by his friend, Kimiko. She also shot three arrows with each one going through the other on the bullseye.

 “My father just died,” he told her.

 “I heard.”

“Will you join me in avenging him? We will need an archer.”

“I shall, Yasaki.” Then they mounted their horses to continue their training, this time shooting arrows from the horse back. All of Kimiko’s arrows shot bullseyes while Yasaki’s had some too high and some too low.

Once he had shot two hundred arrows and he could no longer pull the string back he finished and went to the part of the dojo where he practiced with the naginata. He started practicing with the weapon making it look effortless. The pole was smooth, the blade of the tip making the swooshing noise. Another figure joined him, picked up two wooden naginatas and threw one to him. He put his naginata away and started fighting the girl.

“If I win against you Yasaki, I shall know I am truly worthy of accompanying you on your journey on avenging your father. But do not lose on purpose,” Akashi shouted.

 So they started fighting, each one countering each onslaught as it came. Just as both of them were about to drop their weapons because it hurt too much to hold, Akashi came around towards the neck of Yasaki. He was too tired to block so he let it be, but she stopped a hairsbreadth away from his throat.

“I lost, so will you join me,”


He moved to the next part of the dojo to practice fighting with his friend Yuko. They fought and wrestled, until Yuko had him on the floor. Yuko always dominated him when fighting without a weapon, but not great enough in the swordsmanship. Yasaki walked back to the hall of training and he saw his friend Satoru practicing with a nodachi, the massive length of the sword fitting his body perfectly. After he finished his kata, the sword hung down loosely in his hand. He goes over to Yasaki and said angrily,

“Your father was a great man, and he needs to be avenged,” and then he walked off.


In the meantime a ninja was sneaking towards his master’s house; he tried to get there unnoticed. He got to his bed and then his master awoke.

“You are getting better; soon you will take my place Masoto.”

 “He is dead, the one they call the Lord.” Tears pouring out of his eyes, “Why did I have to kill him?”

 “He was destroying our forests where we train the body and mind.”

He left the home and walked through the forest passing all the bamboo trees until he came to the area reserved for training. He meets his friends Taka who was sneaky and could get to their masters bed without being heard, Yumayusashi who used the Kusarigama the weapon which had unbelievable power from the scythe to the chain for holding weapons. She was almost undefeatable with that weapon. Asaki was the professional thrower, being able to throw the metal pointed star at bullseyes effortlessly. Kamakashi, who practiced the art of combat by hand, could easily merge into any surroundings.  Takeshi who he liked was the assassination expert and killed the Lord. They all bowed down to him as he was their master and altogether they said,

 “We shall follow and protect you to the end.”


Meanwhile the samurai packed their horses to go off to search for the band of ninjas who killed his father. Yasaki packed his horse first and then went to help the others. He wore his armour which showed the redness of the Seiwa clan, he carried the traditional Daisho weapons of a short bladed weapon for seppuku and the longer blade for battle on his waste, a bow on his back and a naginata on his horse. His fellow comrades carried almost the same weapons as him except for Satoru who carried a nodachi on his back plus the additional normal weapons. Everyone carried twenty arrows on their backs and another fifty on their horses. They started to go towards the where the ninja lived, during the middle of the night. It would take them the course of two days to get there. When first light came they decided to rest and eat breakfast. When they were asleep one kept watch. Right now the one who kept watch was Yasaki.

 At first nothing alerted him, but later he heard a group of people talking. Silently he walked over to his friends and woke them up and told them not to make a sound. When the group of bandits found the samurai’s belongings, the leader told his crew to find them. First Kimiko shoots two arrows at two bandits in the head. Now with two down the leader was alert, he stayed close to the ground. Out of nowhere Yasaki came out and started fighting the bandit leader. Both countering each other’s strikes, until finally Yasaki done a wide arc and chopped his head off. When his head hit the ground Yasaki’s group came out of hiding. The bandits scared ran away all except for one, this man named Miyamoto first he bowed and then drew his katana. Yasaki had his already drawn, so they started to fight. First Miyamoto gained the upper hand and started pushing Yasaki back. Yasaki saw that this person was one of the most honourable samurai he knew because he fought for his leader, not caring if he lost his own life. Yasaki fainted low and then stroke towards his head before he could block. But instead of his head rolling off his head it stayed there. Miyamoto dropped his sword acknowledging he had lost.

Yasaki then said, “You are most honourable and loyal to your leader. What name do you go by?”

“I go by the name Miyamoto, why didn’t you kill me?”

“You are loyal and a fine swordsman, would you like to join my family? In teaching the art of the sword?”

He bows down, “I will be honoured.”

“Go back to the city of Kyoto and take my seal with you.”

So Miyamoto left, Satoru not agreeing said, “You should not let him join you Yasaki he is not trustworthy.”

“He protected his leader until he would die, that is trustworthy enough for me.”

Satoru still cantankerous packed his horse, and waited for the others to do the same. After they had packed they rode until it was dark. They made it to the start of the forest, and unpacked for the night.


In the morning Yasaki said, “I swear the forest was much closer before.” They left the horses tied up at a nearby house, paying the farmer to take care of them. They took all the weapons including the extra arrows and some food. They journeyed into the forest, the bamboo not annoying them, then a shrukien got stuck in the bamboo tree in front of Yasaki, and the next shrukien came for his abdomen so he raised the katana a little bit and deflected it. When the person stopped throwing shrukien a guy walked forward. He was covered head to toe in green. He told Yasaki to follow, so he did and so did his friends. He walked because he knew this could lead him to the assassins who killed his father. They guided them towards their village. This took the rest of the day. When they got there Masoto the leader told them to sleep and we will talk in the morning.

Yasaki still on alert said to his friends, “Be warned, and under no circumstance let your guard down.”


When Yasaki woke the sun was just starting to rise, so he stood up to practice with the sword. He saw that all his friends were still asleep and safe. So he went outside and started practicing. He started the pattern the morning breeze not affecting him. When his friends woke he saw that the ninja were doing the daily business. He found Masoto and said we need to talk.

Yasaki angry pushed Masoto down, “How could you kill him you bastards! He died without honour by you assassinating him. Give me one reason not to kill you filth!”

“We killed him because he was destroying our forests our ground for training.”

Angrily he left the house and walked to somewhere and saw people were practicing and started practicing. Masoto following him challenged him to a duel, him using a ninjato the blade half the size of his katana. They battled each other parrying each other’s technique, when Masoto thought he was going to lose, he threw the hilt at Yasaki. The hilt him right in the chest.

Yasaki then said, “I accept what you did to my father but I do not forgive you.”

They bowed and then Yasaki went back to his house.



Meanwhile in Kyoto, Yasaki’s uncle was going to seize the lord of Kyoto. Miyamoto realising this, had to do something but what. Yasaki’s uncle Kakazi was saying things such as, “How can Yasaki claim this title if he is not here?”  All Kakazi wanted was money; he didn’t even care about the ninja.


The samurai walked back to their horses and started packing again. Masoto and his group followed them back, without them realising. Masoto was going to help them if need be. Yasaki still angry started to ride back to Kyoto. When it was night he found a paper from yesterday stating that his uncle was going to become the Lord of Kyoto. He showed his friends this and they travelled through the night and slept at a Ryokan. The inn was not much but had good food. They slept until midday and rode on towards Kyoto. When they reached the town the sun was just going down. He walks through the main palace with his friends.

He told his uncle, “Give me back what is rightfully mine.”

“No you fool.”

They camped outside the walls of the city. In the night a figure in the dark came out. He was clad in black, when he took his mask off Yasaki realised he was Masoto.

Masoto said, “Let me help you in gaining your title.”

“You would not do that willingly, what price must I pay.”

“I am doing it to show you that I am loyal to you and if we win you don’t destroy our land.”

“Okay when shall we attack?”

“I have some of my ninja with me, why not tonight? We will go unnoticed, while you enter through the front.”

“Let me get my friends ready for battle.”

Yasaki wore his armour and told his friends to do so as well. Each carried the weapon of their choice. They started marching towards the front opening.


When they reached the door, a guard said, “We have direct orders from the Lord to not let you in.” then he dropped down, Yasaki saw that there was a dart in his neck. The ninjas work. They kept on walking, each of his friends stopping each guard on the way. He kept on running alone towards his uncle’s chamber. On the way he faced two guards. Then out of nowhere someone fell behind him, he saw it was a samurai who was trying to kill him, but Masoto killed him. Masoto says, “So much about honour.” When he reaches his uncle’s chamber, he sees that he has his armour on. They fight and fight until his uncle starts toying with him. Yasaki knowing that he was going to lose remembered the same trick Masoto done. So he pulled out his wakizashi the small sword the same size to a ninjato. First he dropped his katana on the ground. His uncle laughed at him, but then he threw the wakizashi at his chest. The hilt hit his chest, and he fell to the ground. Yasaki picked up the katana and handed the wakizashi to his uncle.

“You can die with honour, even after what you done. I will make sure I cut your head before you scream.”

So his uncle having nothing to say got the wakizashi and sliced his belly open from left to right and then he bought it back and cut upwards. Yasaki then chopped his head off.

When the battle was finished he was ceremonially awarded the title of Lord of Kyoto. His first words as Lord was,

 “Kakazi was an honourable man and died by seppuku and completing the full ceremony.”

He joined his friends and the ninjas for the celebration of his title. Masoto sitting next to Yasaki said,

“Nice move with throwing the knife.” He then just started to smile and eat the food that was laid out before them. He even awarded his friend Miyamoto the title of teaching swordsmanship to the students of Kyoto.


His rule lasted a long time he was a loyal, honourable and just Lord. The ninjas were happy because they had their land back. He even learned the art of the ninja and welcomed them to Kyoto every year. Miyamoto later became his personal guard, never letting anyone even attack him. For fear of the great master.

The End

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