The Salacious Saga of the Seven SonovitchiMature

The geneology of a certain family of immortals, as it was revealed to me in the late 1940's, when I was in high school.

      The Sleazy Saga of the Seven Sonovitchi - or at Least a Summary of Their Geneology

     In the beginning, Sullen Sonovitch was born of a tight-assed Titaness with tremendous titties. Her name
was Tittania. The father was of unknown species, but he passed a certain dark power to the first Sonovitch.
Sullen took a mortal female as a mate, and fathered two sons, Heyu Sonovitch and Sonovitch Testicles
(rhymes with Sophocles, Heracles, etc.), and a daughter, Leedle Dotravitch. 

     Heyu Sonovitch had a son, Sonovitchki Sono Sonovitch. Sonovitch Testicles had a son, Sonovitchki
Testiclesi (pronounced Test-i-clay-zee). It is not recorded who the mothers of these children were.

     Leedle Dotravitch was feeling very horny one day, and invited her father, her two brothers, and their sons
to an incestuous gang bang. Now it is an established biological fact among mortals that normally only one
sperm cell succeeds in fertilizing an egg cell. Therefore an offspring can have only one natural father. But
remember that the Sonovitchi are immortals, and that natural laws do not always apply to them. Leedle
Dotrovitch gave birth to a son. And behold, the seventh Sonovitch had inherited characteristics from
every one of the gang bang participants. Having so many extra chromosomes, he also had a few extra arms,
legs, and a few other things we won't go into in this summary. He was named Sonovitchki Sono Sonovitchi.

     So now you know the saga of the Seven Sonovitchi. Be sure to honor them at all your orgies.

The End

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