The sailor and the duck

"Hey there, little fella!" said the sailor, upon seeing a small yellow duck float up to him. The sailor wanted to be alone with his thoughts and here at the lake had proven to be the best place for him to think. This evening, it seemed, the powers that be didn't want him to be alone.

"Quack" said the duck, and probably would have raised his eyebrows if he had had any. "I could not have put it better myself, my friend." The sailor plucked a blade of grass from the shore, put it between his teeth and watched the stars shyly arrive. There would be a lot of them out tonight, there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

"It appears we have some company" said the sailor, gesturing towards the sky. "It is interesting, isn't it?" the sailor continued "Neither the mighty star nor the humble duck give a second thought about love. Only we humans" here he placed a hand on his own chest "feel the need to love and be loved."

"QUACK!!" said the duck and sternly put his bill in the dirt.

"Oh, yes, good point." The sailor looked out towards the lake, taking in the beauty of it. He soon became aware of the chirping of crickets and the soft smell of cinnamon in the grass. "I can no more read the feelings of a duck as I can those of a star."

One of those stars, a particularly large one, began growing.

"I suppose we can see 'love' as accepting beauty and 'being loved' as knowing that we are all part of that beauty. We all play our part in making this universe what it is and what it is," the sailor opened his arms as wide as he was able "is beautiful".

The duck fluttered his wings and seemed to nod.

The growing star turned out to be not a star but a spaceship. A majestic, oblong castle floated above the lake, flashing red and blue lights in a soothing pattern.

"This is it, my friend. This is my ride." The sailor stood up, brushed himself off and closed his eyes in the direction of the ship. The ship's lights began flashing rapidly and the sailor slowly melted into luminous vapor. The vapor flashed lights perfectly matching those of the ship and the two of them merged into one being. Then, just as soon as the ship appeared, it was gone.

"Gee, I thought he'd never leave". The duck shook his head a bit and looked directly at you, the reader. "Come on, sweetie, come to the strip club with me. I'm buying!'. He then waddled into town, bobbing his head happily all the way.

The End

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