Sun and SanMature

Actually there wouldn't have been need for a duvet, but the voluminous duvet made her feel like the old days. She had turned the air conditioning to maximum cooling for her bedroom, it was the only way to be able to sleep under a duvet in current conditions.

And the current conditions seemed to be persistent. +26 Celsius' around the clock every day could be boring for most people, but Saga really didn't mind, at least not yet. After all, she had lived all her life close to the Arctic circle, so this was nice change.

Saga looked around her and noticed her work-clothes on the chair. Today they were burgundy red, the sentient fabric always matched the wearers mood or desired color. She got herself a cup of coffee and started dressing up. When finished, she opened the curtain and noticed that the dusk was about to rise.

Now the Earth had two suns, or better said Sun and San. When the Sun was setting , the San started rising - and vice versa. Twice per day there was about an hour of dusk, marking the change of guard on the sky.

One of Saga's favorite things in the change had been that there was no time-zones anymore. Most of her life she had been very much connected to the people all around the world and the time-zones had been the thing that had caused most trouble with these connections. It's so hard to be connected when the other person is sleeping while it's your midday. Back then she was separated from other's by the time-zones. Now when there was no time-zones, she didn't have time to connect with her friends around the globe.

Saga sighed out loud and made a promise to herself to test new orinet which was fast overlapping and replacing the internet. She was sure most of her friends would be in the similar situation, after all the transition-guides were selected among the people who had deeper understanding on different cultures and confusing situations. And most of the guides were almost drowning in work, so that would explain why she hadn't heard much from other's after the D-dag.

Suddenly Saga's Pleidor, the cutting edge communication-device, made a soft move around her hand, reminding her to hurry to the meeting. Saga truly loved her new Pleidor. She had been always almost allergic to all kinds of sound notifications. Pleidor's moving notifications didn't scare her half dead while she was deep in her thoughts. 

Saga grabbed her purse and stepped out in the sunshine, or better said - in the sanshine.  

The End

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