The Saga of SagaMature

This story tells about Saga, a young woman living in northern Sweden couple months after the beginning of the new era.

It was so hard to get out of bed.  The moment when Saga glimpsed through her eyelashes, was the only moment during the day that felt just like before the change or D-dag as she called it. She wanted to keep her eyes closed and stay in the old world just for a little while more. The new reality was sneaking in slowly, thought by thought.  The illusion of the old world drifted away from her with every breath she took.

December 2011 morphed in to Helmry 1;  Saga was wide awake. 

The change had been so unbelievable and overwhelming for most people that they had decided collectively to change their calendar. And for the first time in the history of humans, there was only one calendar for whole humanity. The time of separation, even on the time-perception, was over.

But still Saga felt separated. That really didn't make any sense in the new reality, but that's how she felt deep down. Saga had always felt like a lone wolf wandering on the outskirts of the society. And now  she was considered to be one of the leading figures, one to help people to go through the transition-time. She chuckled to the irony as she finally pulled of the duvet and slowly got out of bed.

The End

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