first chapter

Cattivliani, dusk.
A rampaging city. The old shield of the city is begining to disappear, and it does not defend the city anymore, from the wind and the rain that are battering the city, and coroding it quickly. I get on an air-ship, that arrives only a minute after me. I give the ticket-man a few coins, a fraction of what I would have had to pay on a regular day, befor the rampage. This is absurd. There is so much technology here, why did they abandon it? There is no good reason that so much labor hours will go down the drain, exept for meaningless wars. Man, the struggle for power. That is the reason for so much devistation- the man. One person. That's all it takes to destroy whole civilizations. The boat rised in the air, floating mere inches above the streets, that have now turned into rumbling rivers. There are many stations in the way this time- I thought. If there weren't so many stations, we would have flown higher. This route, that I am already use to, looks diferent. It has a diferent atmosphere, tense and quiet. There is only one direction. No one will get off on the way, everybody is running away from here. Suddenly, a woman franticly searches in her bag, probably looking for her wand. She rings the emergincy bell, and the ship stops. She goes out, up the street, and the ship continues on it's way. Never mind- I think to myself, more ships will take this route. We have untill tomorow to evacuate, but most of us will do it today. Tomorow, when the sun rises, it will dawn over a ghost town, overtaken by nature. Actually, magic doesn't last forever. This city was actually just a loan from nature, but most citizens weren't wise enough to understand that. But this was difrent. We weren't running from an enemy army. We were running from nature- from our mistakes, that we have mistaken a long time ago. We thought we could stop nature. We were wrong. I know that one day, everything will be anchored by law. There will be an assembly that determines what's permitted, and what's not. But now, the temporary assembly barely manages to check all the new spells, and almost collapses under the pressure. And now there is somthing new, bigger than ever befor. If made public, the world will sink to chaos and anarchy. It isn't a spell, it's a series of spells- that can make it's oner to whatever animal he choses. That magic is already in use, by the person who hired me.
The ship had arrived to the main shipyard, and turned away to collect more refugees, running away from the ruind city. The last people to stay in the city are the salesmen, still using any, and every chance to make money, or to steal it. Usually, anyone apposing the king, or the high council, is as good as dead. The man who hired me is doing both, but who will stop him? He has lirned how to turn into an animal,  get into places- and destroy them from whithin.

The End

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