The wizard community has had enough. The new king has been cruel to them for twenty years already. So now, in a desperate plea for freedom, two separate rebels try to overthrow the king in two different means. The hero, one of the rebel's assistants, goes out on a journey to help destroy the Catto kingdom, that he so loved. On the way he discovers, that it is much easier than he had imagined. but is it really for the good of the people that the magic will be revealed to all? Who will win in this


As I close my eyes, I can see light. An arrowhead made of light, frozen in a sea of darkness. It is coming back to me, I don’t know why. That summer’s events are renewing themselves in front of me, the arrow is becoming vividly alive again. The bright object penetrates the chest of a terrified person, who is slowly slipping down the edge of the tree he was leaning on, panting.


“I can't believe you! You actually went and did it!”- The frightened man’s trembling voice was swallowed in the small storage room that he ran to. He turned around swiftly in paranoia, imagining he saw someone. “No!”- He shouted at the room, shooting a ball of light from his wand, momentarily lighting the room in a faint white light. He made a small hole in the mirror which he shot. He heard steps from the spiral staircase, outside the room. “That’s it” – He whispered – “This is the end, they have found me”. He franticly searched his robe’s pocket, and took out a small vial- and drank its green content.


When the royal guards arrived, it was already to late. The man layed lifelessly out to the spiral staircase, his loose hand still holding a small vial, that spilled a green fluid, still ommiting a potant oder.


"I am not pleased" - said the king, pacing the room like a lion in his cage. "This is the third time this month an act like this is committed. Never before with such audacity". He didn't understand it - what has happened to him, to his rule over the kingdom? Why is it crumbling between his fingers? How could this be happening to him? The king did not know, and could not imagine the level of decay whithin- from his own people, the high council. It took the king too long to discover the scale of the corruption, but now it's too late to reverse anything. The king will pay for his arrogance soon, it's inevitable. If he would of known what he was up against... But would the king believe that the man that betrayed  him so brutally, after all they went through- could do such a thing? But I knew. I knew, and I was silent. I simply stood from the side and wached everything I loved, crumble in front of me. Had I known what awaited me, and all those troubles only to get something that will not help anyone- would I have stayed silent? Or would I have told him, and perhaps save the little that was left to save? But by now it's to late for that, I must move on. I must prepare for the hardest thing I have ever done: to completely crush the kingdom of Catto, that I love so much. Oh I remember that as if it were a mere day later. 

The End

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