The Willow

Bailey, a little boy, goes out everyday to read under his Willow tree which he calls a safe tree. What happens when Bailey goes to read when he finds that his Safe Tree has been cut down?
(Anne Of Green Gables does not belong to me or any other collaborators in this story)

       Bailey smiled, the leaves crunching underfoot. His dog Bo followed right behind him. The book in Bailey's hand trembled as he smiled. He couldn't wait to read his newest book. Bailey lived in a mountain town in Virginia called Damascus. He had a willow tree that he loved, called his Safe Tree. After school every day, Bailey would hike into the mountain forest by a mile just to get to his willow tree. Bailey sat on the stone he always sat on, right under the tree. He liked to read aloud so that his Safe Tree and Bo could hear.

       "Bo and my Safe Tree," Bailey started. "I picked up a book at the library. The librarian let me have this old crusty book because of it's condition. See, look--the cover is halfway torn off. But we can read it. It is called Anne Of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery."

       Bailey opened the book and began to read. "Mrs. Rachel Lynde was a nosy neighbor, but good-hearted. She kept an eye on everything that happened Avonlea. One afternoon in early June, she sat looking out her window. She saw Mathew Cuthbert heading out of town in his buggy, dressed in his best clothes. Now, where was he going dressed up like that and why?"

       Bailey continued to read chapter one, A Surprise At Green Gables. "Anne seems very pleasant." he smiled. "Anne would be a nice friend, wouldn't she?" Bo  looked up at Bailey with sweet, wondrous eyes, as if to say, "Of course!". Bailey gently grabbed one of the willow branches swaying in the breeze. He hugged it. "I love you, Safe Tree. I don't know what I would do without you." Bailey got off his rock. With Bo following, he beg the walk home.

The End

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