The Sadness...Mature

A brief look into a story that replicates a womans' pain and sadness...

She had been laid in bed waiting for the sun to come up, sleep had not been near her in over a month now, the feeling of dread in her gut was unbearable.

She got up and looked in on her daughter, fast asleep and not a care in the world, she smiled a sad smile and made her way to the kitchen and picked up the kettle and filled it from the tap, as the water fillled the vessel her thoughts trailed off to her partner, he hadn't been home in 4 days now, It was the same every week he would cause an arguement and get himself ready on a thursday night and go out with his cronies and whores and return on a sunday  half dead and full of more substance than the brewery and pharmacy put together...

The kettle was overflowing and she turned off the tap, tipping the excess out she placed the kettle on the hob and lit the gas, she takes out a ciggerette and lit it from the flame, inhaling deeply she let out a sigh with the smoke and her eyes filled, she fought the urge to cry and wiped away the single tear running down her cheek, her throat hurt and her head and heart were aching like a bastard, her mind was her own worst enemy these days, and the random thoughts that drifted in and out of her cosciousness were tormenting and laughing at her, she was dreading him coming home wired from all the cocaine he would have taken and the way he would act once he came home.

Her daughter awoke with the banging at the door as she went to comfort her and bring her down the kettle started whistling and the banging on the door got louder, She came down the stairs and put the child on the sofa and made her way to the door, she unhooked the latch and let the specimen in, without saying a word she looked at him and the disgust in her face was evident, she switched on the tv and the sunday morning childrens cartoons drowned out the noise of the whistling kettle, she looked at her daughter and said "2mins love " and walked in to the kitchen and turned off the gas the noise quietened and she picked up a cup and continued with her morning routine, busying herself with the childs breakfast and a cup of coffee for herself, she hadnt eaten in weeks it seemed her diet consisted of cigerettes and coffee, she had got sick of drinking tea and her throat wouldn't let any food pass,

She could feel his eyes burning into the back of her head and she hated it, she hated what her life had become. "Do you want a drink?" she tried her hardest to sound as normal as possible but the anger and pain in her voice was evident, she couldn't help it she despised talking to the father of her child as it always ended up in an all out war which would end in him reigning blows to her face and head wanting to quieten the truth that came out of her mouth,he didn't answer she walked past him with the childs breakfast and gave him a look of sheer disgust as she made eye contact with him, "Who you fucking looking at like that" he said as she put the childs food down and turned up the tv. She looked at his appearance from the room and as he stood in the kitchen doorway she knew what was going to happen, viscious circle was the name of the game these days and she felt like she was living the scenes of the movie "Goodfellas" but this prick wasn't a "Good fella" he was a bully and a cheat and a drug addict. She made her way in to the kitchen and closed the door not wanting their daughter to hear what was to take place.

The End

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