Introducing Harry King

The day it started, the family were at the breakfast table eating toast,

“Harry would you fetch the newspaper?” his mother asked. Harry left his toast on the table and went to the front door; he picked up the newspaper and hurried back to his mother, handing it to her.

“Thank you darling,” she smiled and opened it up at the table, she shook her head in disgust as she sipped her tea.

“What is it mother?” Sally, Harry’s sister asked,

“I am starting to get worried,” she explained, “read this out Georgia,” Mrs King was trying hard to improve Georgia’s reading skills, Harry found his younger sister, Georgia, tedious and tiresome, but he listened as she read out the article.

“There have been further developments into the case of the kidnappings in the city of Las Vegas,” Georgia paused to look at her mother, she gave an encouraging nod, “only last night another child was taken from a park in the Spring Valley area.”

“Do you reckon that was Desert Breeze Park Mama?” Harry asked, she nodded,

“Let me finish Harry,” Georgia snapped. “The police have reason to suspect group activity, but cannot identify as to why they want all these children. No children have been found yet, however a body has been found in the Las Vegas Bay on the other side of the city. Chief Constable Higgins released this statement. ‘Keep your children close and always under the supervision of a suitable adult at all times.’ We cannot begin to think of what this man or these people want with so many children, all we can do is pray and search.” Georgia placed the newspaper down and bit some toast, as if it was nothing out of the ordinary. This angered Harry,

“Georgia, you could look a bit more bothered. We live in Spring Valley,” Harry scolded. Georgia smiled and shrugged,

“It’s not like it’s going to happen to anyone I know,” she said. Georgia was ten, vulnerable, unintelligent and naive.

“Harry I want you to be extra careful,” his mother said, Harry nodded,

“Of course Mama,” he promised as he picked up his school bag,

“I’m not sure I should let you go alone,” his mother worried, “Wait there, girls we’ll take the detour,” his mother flustered about getting the girls ready and then they set off. Georgia and Sally went to an elementary school, a different one from Harry. Sally was eight and Harry was fourteen. Their mother had had Harry at the age of twenty and so was young and struggled with day to day life. Their father on the other hand worked in the military and they only ever saw him every few years, those times were the happy times. Harry idolised his father, he also wanted to join the army when he was older, not to kill or injure, but to help make life better for America and the rest of the world. He had been eager to learn about World War One which he had been alive for one and a half years, but only merely as a baby. They arrived at Harry’s school and his mother kissed him goodbye,

“I think I shall collect you tonight Harry,” she smiled. Harry rolled his eyes,

“I am not a baby Mama,” she rustled his hair,

“Very well, hurry home, with a friend if you can,” Harry nodded and kissed his mother,

“I love you Mama,” he smiled,

“I love you too,” she replied and then walked away down the street with his two sisters.

The End

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