The Sad Story of Harry King

Las Vegas News.
The activities of this child kidnapper have doubled in the last week. Six boys have been kidnapped this week, under the names of Harry King, Luke Williams, Jesse Franks, Joshua Bird, Jack Sadler, Ralf Polson. Any suspicious behaviour should be reported immediately.

The story of Harry King is not a nice one. It does not have a happy ending. It will not leave you feeling happy or content. It is partly based on a true story, but if I were you, I wouldn’t take it as fact. But let’s go back to the twentieth century, back to the 1930’s. I’ll set the scene for you…

We’re in the USA, the true story was set in Los Angeles, but I’m going to take it north and east into Las Vegas, which is a large city in Nevada, well known for casinos and Broadway shows. In this time of 1930 not just the country, but the whole world had gone into an economical depression and all levels of society were affected. Harry King lived with his mother and two sisters, in the centre of Las Vegas. He was a quiet boy, interested in his studies and popular amongst teachers and family alike. These traits along with other points made it hard for his mother to comprehend how the following events happened.

The End

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