Chapter Two: The Escape

I buttoned up my new neon peacoat, and put on my Converse-style shoes. Everyone was to look somewhat decent for The Sacrifice. I brushed my bright red hair and bright white teeth, then headed out the door, following the rest of my family out to our side of town's meeting place, where all the businesses (Which wasn't much) could be found. We joined the other families that were eligible for execution tonight, then linked hands. We all took one simultaneous inhale, and stepped forward. Our leader, Sir Quesria sat on his throne, held up by four of his tired and sweaty servants. He sneered down at us with his black eyes and devilish grin.

"Ah, if it isn't the middle class residents. You know, you seem to cause the most trouble, out of everyone." He closed his eyes and held his nose up. "Mmm, I smell the Mulligans..the Hathrows.. and," He sniffed one last time. "The infamous Drakes. You know, I thought you would've learned to stop your immature behavior a long time ago, and certainly since last year. But, I'm glad you didn't, because your family has the most delicious blood I have ever tasted! I look forward to it every year."

My mother put her arms around all of us, and Greyson and Clay did the same. I squished in between Greyson and my mom. Clay and Claudia stood slightly in front of me. Clay appeared calm, but Claudia was trembling. My mother went around and kissed all of our heads when our leader had turned around to greet the other residents from upper and lower classes who had come to watch The Sacrifice. Not that they had a choice. After a few minutes, he turned back to us.

"Are you ready to die?" He cackled, then, seeing how badly Claudia was shaking, he said, "Oh, Claudia Drake. It isn't as bad as it sounds. At least you won't have to be scared about being killed all the time anymore. And, you don't even know if you're on the list." He raised his hands to gather attention, and began the speech he always gave at The Sacrifice.

"Residents of Altudinous, Equidistant, and Inferior classes, we are joined here today for The Sacrifice of 10 Equidistant residents tonight. Now, for clarification of The Sacrifice, to any of you who want to hear it or need to, listen closely- An execution of the most troublesome residents in a certain class, which today is the Equidistant class. I will simply bite them, they will be paralyzed, and then I will retain their blood with my teeth. Then they will die. But not in vain, as we will all eat their bodies to stay alive. And we will be grateful that they sacrificed their lives and bodies for us, so that we could live." He cleared his throat- a cue for his servant to hand him the list with the citizens scheduled to be killed on it. A muscular but exhausted servant handed him the rolled up, already yellowing paper. Sir Quesria took it from him, unfurled the delicate paper with his long and thin fingers, and smiled, revealing his sharp, long, and skinny rows of teeth.

"Tonight, the following 10 residents are to die. Marian Hathrow, and Steven Hathrow. Lillian Mulligan and Creighton Mulligan. Laurena Ilza, and Samson Ilza. Murray Newingway and Star Newingway. And, lastly, Greyson Drake and Ashleigh Drake." He rolled it back up and grinned again.

We all bowed down by the front of his throne. "Down." He said, and so his servants set his throne on the ground, sighing with relief. "Hm, who should go first? How about you, Mulligans. You can die, together. Isn't that nice?" Lillian and Creighton shakily stood before Sir Quesria, holding hands so tightly that their wrists and knuckles turned white. "We willingfully die for the citizens of our beloved world." They chanted, and pointed their heads up towards the black sky. Sir Quesira shot forward, biting both of them in the neck. They fell to the ground, whimpering. He summoned them up with his hands, and bit again, sucking the blood and life out of the once lovely couple.

He called up the Hathrows, then the Ilzas, and then the Newingways. Within minutes, they were all dead, and being packaged up by our leaders servants. We were next. My mother went into a fit of sobbing, and Clay and Claudia followed. Greyson held my left hand, and we stood up and walked forward.

We stood there in silence for almost a minute when Sir Quesria shouted, "Aren't you going to say the words?!" Greyson and I looked at eachother. I nodded. Somehow, we both knew what we needed to do. "We both unwillingfully are being put to our death for something we do not believe in." We both looked at eachother in awe for saying the exact same thing at the same time, but only for a couple seconds. Now it was time for the attack. "Am I mistaken, or did you two just refuse being Sacrificed?" I pulled out my gun from under my jacket, and Greyson did as well. My mind was boggling. How did he get a gun? He had to have followed me to the black market, there was no other way!

I snapped out of my thoughts when I saw the blurred figure of Sir Quesria heading for me. Still processing what was happening around me, I subconsiously shot my gun at him. The bullet penetrated right through his forehead, with blood pouring out after. Greyson grabbed my hand and we began to run together. Neither of us knew exactly where we were headed for, but it was going to be far away. And after that, we were going to set things right, to how they should be.

We were going to end The Sacrifice once and for all.

The End

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