Ghostly rendezvousMature

 God, I’m disgusting. If only I can lose those last couple of kilos! As I bend to tie the laces on my new Nike running shoes. I chose them for the colour. Blue and grey. They look like a skinny person would wear them.

It’s been a long winter, and I’ve seriously over-indulged on the home-cooked comfort food.  Spring has come and of course, everyone’s talking about bikini weather.

Time to get in shape. My gorgeous, athletic friend, Marianne has convinced me to run that half marathon in two months’ time.

Ok, you can do this. Only 5km to run today. Get that chubby ass into gear! Trying to psyche myself up for the run, I do my stretches, I’m a pro, I watched a couple YouTube videos on pre-run stretching. I check my new running app is ready to start tracking my time, and off I go.

Out the front gate and onto the road, I set my pace. The sun is setting and dusk is coming fast. Good thing I’m not afraid of the dark. Plus there’s always a few late after-work runners like me around at this time. Only, the roads seem deserted this evening. Strange.

The route I’ve mapped out is perfect, it’s a combination of an easy straight with a slight incline, you know, to get the heart racing, then down the hill, past the old overgrown cemetery at the bottom and straight back home.

“Good evening. Mind if I keep pace? “God, I nearly trip over my own feet! I turn my head to see who’s spoken and oh geez, it’s a guy. A cute, athletic guy. Kind of pale though for a runner. I can’t remember seeing him before; he’s not one of the usuals I normally pass.

“That’s cool, I don’t go very fast, ha ha.” I pant and try not to blush even more. I’m not one of those attractive athletes. My face goes blood red after about five minutes and I tend to sweat more than normal. Not like other girls, who just gently glow. Damn skinny bitches.

“I don’t mind. I just enjoy being able to get out for a bit, before they notice I’m gone." Cute Guy says.

Notice he’s gone? That’s weird.









The End

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