Chapter 2

Dani runs and grabs her phone from her sports bag, and finds a new text message.

                Hey Dani, so I was thinking we could hang out sometime.

Dani’s thumbs swirl over her keys for what seems like forever then finally types something and holds her breath. The message read:

              As friends?

Odessa breaks out laughing hysterically as she knows where these messages will end up.

Charley sends back a text stating just as Odessa expected.

           No, a little more than that.

Odessa pushes Dani away and grabs the phone away from Dani. Odessa sends the text faster than Dani can struggle to stand up. Dani looks at the phone and reads the message aloud.

          Best Friends?

Charley texts back something that didn’t follow the usual storyline.

        Dani, I like you more than mega best friends can we go on a date sometime?

Before Dani can respond the person we have been dreading the most, comes in the locker room.

The End

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