Chapter 1

                Today is the first day of track practice under the leadership of Coach Johnson. None of us know a lot about Coach Johnson, but that his full name is Samuel Johnson, he is strict, and he sort of looks like Daniel Craig except with a scruffy look. 

              So after my morning routine of waking up at 5:00 am, finishing my homework assignments, and grabbing my cup of coffee I go to school for a tedious seven hours. After school I run to the locker room, and find the other three girls on the team. I first spot Odessa Wilson, my best friend; she is the two-time-state-champion in the 200 meter dash with the state record of 26.9 seconds. She always wears her long-brown-wavy hair natural in a ponytail, she also wears anything do with the Blackhawks or the Cubs, even though we all despise them. The next person I see is our shortest teammate who is state-champion hurdler doing backbends to stretch, her name is Danille Collins but everyone calls her Dani. She has dark, curly, brown, hair with bangs that fall right above her eyes, and they seem to always have a mind of their own. I then go to change, but before I can I hear the quietest member of our team walk in the door. Her name is Giuliana Rodriguez; she transferred here from Santa Clarita, California this year because her dad landed a job as our dean. Her personality reminds me of Winnie the Pooh, even though she is the quickest thinker in the university.

                After I finally get ready we all go to the gym and stretch. While we were doing the left, leg hurdle stretch I hear behind me the voice of the one and only Isaac Mendel. Isaac Mendel is an obnoxious senior who not only has won the pole vault championship three times in a row and is seeking his fourth, but has qualified for the Olympics once, two years ago. No one knows why he dropped out of the Olympics an hour before he was supposed to board the plane for London, he was destined to win, some say it was due to his nerves. I think that it’s something much deeper than that.

“Hey! What do you think you are doing stretching in my gym?” Isaac, being the jerk he is, says.

“Why don’t you just man up and stretch outside!” Odessa yells at him with her annoyance.

“Come on Charley,” feeling like he is wasting valuable time fighting with us.

                Charley, I almost forgot all about him. Charley Parker, I have known him since I was five. He’s a good looking guy; medium built, short wavy blonde hair, and has big baby blue eyes, every girl wanted him when we were younger. He is a junior majoring in teaching and minoring in creative writing. He and Dani used to date last year, but over spring break they parted ways and never have looked back upon it, well until the words that came out of his mouth next. “Hey Dani, check your phone.” Before she could respond they were gone.

The End

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