Describes the life of Morrie, a resident of Ventura, Ca

Morrie was a fixture of  the seaside town of Ventura. Every morning at 6 am he would run down Main , turn left at the docks, jog along the ocean of a mile and continue up Center St. He was rarely alone on his runs. Sometimes kids would run awhile with him and they would chat or sing. Young men sometimes jogged with him, or community college students. Morrie was a retired teacher with a reputation for helping troubled kids. He would advocate for them or bring them home after school for a snack of home made cake that his wife of 50 years baked. He loved people. No one was too young or too old for him to take an interest in.

Then one day Morrie did not show up for his run. Sue, who owned the coffee shop on Main was usually the first to see him. All the regulars on his route grew worried. Where could Morrie be? Was he sick? Was he hurt? No one knew.

Sue volunteered to call Gert, his wife to find out if Morrie was all right. The phone rang and rang but finally Gert picked it up. There was a heaviness in her voice when she  told Sue what had  happened to Morrie.

The End

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