Life Friends?

The garden was picturesque, full of vegetables and flowers with a larger pond at the back beside a shed.

“Why isn’t this house seen?”

“Part of my punishment. I am to be avoided as they thought I did things for attention. I must also keep this house in good condition without … abilities.” She sighed then leant back.

“But it’s immaculate. How do you… I mean: wow.”

“Before I was attacked by my… creator in a way, I used to be a part time house cleaner.” She leant back then stretched. “It was horrible though I never thought another would see me as it’s only been 100 years.”

“100... Years?”

“Oh not to worry, I have to wait another 100. Maybe I’ll see you die, that would be nice.” Amelia chuckled nervously then stood up. “Are you off on a jog?”

“I’ll change first.”

“I don’t blame you. Be careful.”

“Well you’ll look after me.” Nefertiti looked at her. “Didn’t you stop me falling earlier?”

“No, I don’t interfere with that world.”

“Oh right.”

“Pack your bags and live with me?” Nefertiti asked. Deucalion wagged his tail in agreement. “We can be friends.”

“I’ll consider it. See you later.”

“Bye.” Nefertiti saw her to the door then waved until Amelia could no longer see her. “I think she’ll do just fine. All I have to do is keep her safe then I’m in.” Deucalion barked then ran to a dog bed, leapt into it and curled up.

The End

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