The Unseen House

They arrived at a small cottage surrounded by tall lush hedges and fruit trees. The sun shone down on the area. The front garden had an abundance of blossoming flowers and lines of growing vegetables. The sunlight reflected off small shining stones making up a path in the middle and a medium pond was to the left. Orange and yellow goldfish swam contentedly around and the underwater plants were deep enough to thrive and not interfere with the fish. The wooden fence had been painted green and the short stone wall was free from ivy. Amelia stared opened mouthed at the beauty. Everything seemed to shine with picture ideal beauty. To the left side of the house was the village mausoleum and graveyard shrouded in darkness. She looked from the dark area to the light area then to Nefertiti. She was looking sadly to the floor.

Amelia tried to say many things but then only managed: “Wow.”

Nefertiti smiled to her then walked to the door. “I’m forced to live here for 200 years.”

“You have vegetables out in the front but steal from the villagers?”

“I have to do something else I’ll get bored. Come on in.” The inside was sparkling clean and smelt fresh as well as looked spotless. The rooms were brightly coloured using paint, or wallpaper, and pictures. Walnut and pine furniture gave the cottage a more professional finish. Each side was clear and figurines lined the shelves. In one room was a set of 5 large cabinets full with odd objects.

“The things from the villagers?”

“Yep, I like to think of this room as my Trophy Room.”

“But if no-one sees you it isn’t a great achievement.”

“Oh well.” She said then placed 2 bells carefully in a pre made gap. “I always like to plan ahead. Oh by the way, if you want food, help yourself. I’ll be in the garden.” Amelia watched as she slowly walked out.

“Why are you so sad? Is it because you can’t be seen and you’re being punished?”

Nefertiti turned then smiled a little. “You aren’t abnormal Amelia. You’re just… unique. If you get bored you can leave but you’ll become visible as soon as you leave the area.”

The End

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