A Reprieve

Amelia waited a few minutes then sat on the edge of a bench. A carrot was waved in front of her. She looked up, Nefertiti was smiling and Deucalion was sat beside her wagging his tail to and fro.

“Deucalion told me you were a jogger but you look too smart to be out on a jog. Also, you’re not wearing trainers, those shoes must be hell to run in.” Nefertiti said then sat on the bench and leant back. “Want the carrot or not?”

“Sure.” She took it then realized it was peeled. “Are you… human?”

“It’s impossible for me to do this and be human.” Amelia nodded. “So why are you sat out here on such a cold night in smart clothing?”

“My mum wants me to be part of some meeting. It’s probably about all the things that have been going on, I’m always blamed as I act the least common.”

“Nothing wrong with being unique. What things?”

Amelia finished her bite of carrot then looked to her. “Stuff like: sudden illnesses, crops dieing, things going missing and people leaving.” Nefertiti bit her lip and looked to the floor. “It was you!” Amelia exclaimed both in anger and relief. “Hand yourself in.”

“I can’t. Sorry.” She stood and looked to Deucalion. He whined then padded over to Amelia and sat beside her. “I am only visible to animals. It’s my punishment. Though now I‘m visible to you for some reason.”

“Your… punishment?”

“Hey, hold my hand.” Amelia looked to her shocked. “It’ll hide you. Deucalion.” Amelia sighed then the doors of the hall opened. She grabbed Nefertiti’s hand, which was softer then she had imagined, then felt her body go cold. “Look at their faces, so oblivious to all the supernatural.”

“Can’t they hear us?”

“No and you can only hear them slightly.” She said. “Close your eyes.” Amelia closed them softly then felt a gust of wind blow around her.

The End

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