More Sightings

“Honey, you’re back. How was the jog?”

“It was colder and there’s more ice around. What is it?”

“I’d like you to come with me to a meeting, can you change into smart clothes?”

“Sure.” Amelia showered then looked in her wardrobe. “What’s smart that I can wear?” There were rows of jogging clothes and one or two coats and jackets. Scarves and gloves were in a lidless box under the coats.

“Honey, I don’t mean your best jogging clothes.”

“I know.” Amelia opened another section then saw a row of full suits: green, blue, brown and black. She pulled out a black suit jacket and medium length skirt then got out some black tights.

“Oh you look smarter than usual.” Her mother said from the bottom of the stairs. “I never thought it possible for you to be so smart. Well, thank you for taking the effort. The dog will…”

“Dog.” The dog suddenly ran out to Nefertiti.

The mother turned then faced her again. “He’s gone, how odd.” Nefertiti was stroking the dog slowly while watching the scene. Amelia began to shake, had her mother not seen the girl? “Honey?”

“Sorry, shall we go?” They walked to the town hall but Amelia was looking around trying to see the girl. She had disappeared the moment her mother had stepped out of the door.

“You went really pale back then. Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I just thought I had forgotten some…thing.” Amelia froze on the spot. Nefertiti was perched on a wall eating a selection of vegetables from a garden, vegetables Amelialiked. “I knew it.” Nefertiti looked up then disappeared, taking the vegetables and Deucalion with her. Amelia sighed then continued. “Sorry.”

“You are odder than normal.” Her mother said in concern. “Maybe that dog is influencing you.”

“It’s just a dog.” Amelia whispered but it wasn’t true. He had become a friend and accompanied her everywhere. She would miss him.

“I’ll let them know you’ve arrived.” Her mother said then left her at the doorway.

The End

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