A Strange Girl

It was cold again the next morning so Amelia jogged wearing a short jacket. Unlike others thought, she did feel the cold. They passed the mausoleum then she saw a strange shadow on the roof. The dog stood then barked quietly then the figure stood. It was a young girl. Her hair was tied up several times hiding it’s length, and she kept her head low but was mouthing something. Amelia took out her head phones and gasped. The girl was singing softly and quietly and the dog was wagging his tail.

“Do you know her boy?” The dog barked then the girl stopped signing and looked down. “I’m sorry did he disturb you?”

“It’s alright, I need to go back anyway. It’s a lovely little village here.”

“Yes it is. I’m Amelia. This is… dog.”

“Deucalion, that’s his name.” The girl stepped over the edge then glided to the ground. “It isn’t a nice one but it’s his.” She stroked the dog lovingly. “He’s well fed, you have taken great care of him. Thank you, I am grateful.”

“Do you have a name?”

“Yes. Nefertiti. I’m sorry to interrupt your jog.” She faded into a faint shimmer then disappeared.

“Mad, I’m going mad. Come on dog.” They continued to jog down the path. It was being attacked by ice and cold weather, already pot holes had formed. The trees had gone white and crispy leaves lay on the side frozen. Her foot caught one such leaf then slipped. Dog, or Deucalion, barked in alarm. Amelia opened her eyes slowly the looked around. She was leaning back, suspended in mid air with her hair reaching to the ground. “Wow.” The dog pushed her up a little then she stood tall. “Thank you. Is it her dong this do you think? Did she give me the dig biscuits to feed you? Did she save me and do all the things around the village?” She asked as they continued to jog. “She sang so sadly, maybe she isn’t well.”

The End

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