Unwanted Arrival

The motor bike pulled up beside dog and owner and drove along side them.

“Excuse me do you know where I can find someone called Rothman?”

“Yeah, continue straight on then at the crossroads go left. You’ll be in the village and he’s usually in the town centre, there’s a sign above it.” Amelia said automatically. The man nodded in thanks then accelerated. The dog ran up so he was beside her then she fussed him while continuing to jog as she had exerted a lot of energy from the earlier run.

When Amelia arrived at the cottage the motor bike was there, perched against the inside small garden wall. The dog whimpered so she gave him a tickle on the top of his head then side.

“Amelia! This is Detective Ryan Adams, he needs a word.”

“Okay.” She grabbed a towel from the near rack then wiped her face and neck. She wrapped it loosely around her neck then entered the room. “Hello again.” He looked up, his hair sticking up in every direction.

“How do you do?”

“I’m a bit hot from the running.”

“You do that often, most villagers said so.” Amelia nodded then wiped the back of her neck once more. “I suppose you often take over 1 hour to run?”

“Well I sometimes jog after a while. That adds a bit more time.” She sat on a poof by the door hinge then looked to the dog who curled up beside her. “Did you find Michael Rothman?”

“That’s why I’m here. He has been receiving complaints about you. For example:…” Amelia held up a hand.

“Let me guess: sudden illnesses, crops dieing, things going missing and people leaving?”

“The reverend?” She nodded then laughed. “Do you know anything about the incidents?”

“Only they have occurred.” He nodded but felt she was holding something back.

The End

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