“There: all clean now.” The dog was white with a few brown splodges on his back and tummy. He wagged his tail then suddenly growled. Amelia turned then held her arm up so it blocked the sun.

“Hello Reverend, nice day.”

“Yes it has warmed up.” They both looked to the dog as it whimpered then lay beside her. “New pet?”

“Hopefully.” As she fussed the dog the reverend looked around. “There have been some concerns about strange things happening and people feel you are to blame.”

“What strange things?”

“Well: sudden illnesses, crops ruining in the space of a second, things you happen to like going missing and people leaving.”

“Really, and why do ‘they’ blame me?”

“I don’t know.” Amelia chuckled then proceeded to stand up and took the bucket inside, the dog went with her faithfully.

“I must go running reverend I shall see you whenever.” She gave the dog 2 treats then took off running, the dog following gleefully. As she once again passed the mausoleum it felt empty, cold and unloved. The dog once lived there and looked toward it momentarily before going after Amelia. The dog barked and Amelia spun around. Another sound was present - the sound of a motor bike. “Stay to the left sweetie.”

The End

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