As Amelia got to the gate by the path before her little house that she shared with her mother, she turned off her MP3 player and put it in her pocket. The dog sat patiently while panting beside her looking up expectantly. She reached down to take off the clips then stumbled back as something wet touched her hand. The dog's tail wagged wildly as she looked to him.

"Hello again. Did you follow me?" She knelt down and held out a hand, it carefully approached then allowed her to stroke his head. 

"Are you back? You took your time. What is that?" Both Amelia and the dog looked to her. "It's so thin, where did you find it?" 

"In the mausoleum, it was thin so I gave him some dog biscuits. He followed me home." 

"Where did you get dog biscuits? We don't have a dog, never have." 

"I know that, they were in my pocket." Her hand dived into her pocket and pulled out a handful. "See?" She gave the dog one at a time, waiting for him to finish before handing over another. Her mother sighed then allowed the dog to stay in the gardens until Amelia cleaned it up. 

She did so for the next 2 hours. She brought out the third bucket of clean water after only having done his four legs. She spoke while doing so, to relax him as each splash of water seemed to unnerve him. She spoke about running, scenery, the village and more about running. 

The End

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