Curiosity & Followers

Amelia slowly stepped forward to the doors and attempted to open them. They were stiff and the joints had seized, causing more friction. With a determined shove the doors gave way and effortlessly drifted away from her. Amelia kept thinking she should leave if anything was going to happen similar to that. Something squeaked then several somethings squeaked in response. She took a deep breath to try and relax and choked in surprise as there was no horrendous stench usually associated with rotten corpses.

A groan echoed around but she didn’t run, she stayed steadfast. A dog barked loudly and suddenly causing her to jump. There was low growling as a skeleton of a dog approached, baring it’s teeth. Amelia was normally good with animals but she didn’t want to test it. She threw down a dog biscuit she procured from her pocket then took two or three steps back. The dog approached and sniffed the treat, looked to Amelia then looked back to the treat. It seemed to scrutinize the treat before eating it. Crumbs fell to the floor but were then sucked up by the scruffy, thin animal. The dog looked up expectantly, which took her by surprise. She got another treat out then put it slightly closer to her. The dog moved up then proceeded to eat it. She looked up and saw a little opening to the cemetery - which was how the dog got out if needed. There was another growl, this time from her stomach, and it caused the dog to back off but remain wanting biscuits. She put a pile of 10 or so down then went to the door.

“It’s all I have for now. Sorry.” She left, pulled the door to then did some stretches and set up her MP3. She continued running while thinking, unaware of the follower she had acquired. Her thoughts were basically about why she had those treats in the first place, even then she didn’t know where they were from or how they fit into the small pocket.

The End

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