The mausoleum wasn't as dark as Amelia thought it would be. The shadows from the statues along the terrace were the only thing considered evil. The statues themselves were meant to be of Guardian Angels, though the moss and decay had over taken it and made them more like Gargoyles. It was quite a frightening place for those in this sleepy, common town. People were scared that ghosts would come out and haunt them. Amelia had now gone past it too many times to even look at it or even listen out for the supposed groans from not yet departed souls. She knew where the building began and ended and where the gravestones where positioned. A steel, knee high gate was the only protection given, not that many would want to steal from that place. It was common knowledge only commoners were buried. Those with wealth would be cremated then their ashes buried. 

Amelia often ignored the mausoleum, the squeaking and broken gates and the noise the wind made as it went through small gaps from the disintegrated walls. Today she felt scared, the wind was harsher and the noises so loud she heard them over her dance track. After turning off her mp3 then taking out her headphones she looked at the stone, empty building with interest and curiosity.

The End

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