The Runner


Amelia loved to run. She’d run anywhere, any time, any day with any kind of footwear. She was fast and had gained more speed over the years. Running was her hobby, her passion. As long as she had: jogging bottoms or shorts, a comfy top, music and water she was happy. Her sister Laura was younger by two years and didn’t share this obsession.

It was a cold day so Amelia put on leggings under her jogging bottoms and put on her pink and white trainers. She pulled her matching jogging top off the hook, slipped it on then did some stretches.

“Off running again?” An older woman asked asked.

“Yes mum I am.”

“Oh, where are you going?”

“Past the shops, through the park then down the road towards the funeral parlour then I’ll continue down the country lanes for a bit.” Amelia responded.

“Oh any idea on how long you’ll be?”

“A while.” She said then left after setting up her music player. It was playing a dance song so she pocketed it and set off on the chosen route. She ran along paths or roads, whichever was less crowded. As she passed the funeral parlour the song: Don’t Fear the Reaper began to play loudly out of her headphones. An old couple glared, they were dressed all in black. A group of people, also dressed in black, were moving slowly, some crying. Amelia smiled nervously continued. If she tired she would jog instead but she never stopped. Running was her life, the one thing she took pride in.

The End

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