The Runes of the Heros

a Random story,

Az was running through the forest. Thinking of how bad this week had become.
The first thing had been a letter of invitation to The accademy A svhool for magic, or at least what sounded like it. That had become the high point of this week. The first bad things were the way here, He had to go accros rivvers, through random vilages and speak to diferent people. That might have been bad, but not as bad as what came next. The forest came next, it was a hideout of the ne'kari, a race of elimentals made form human greed and the power of the elimentals.

He could have gone round it, but he couldn't the letter had come late so he had to get there fast or miss the first day, that met he would never get in. So he got a guide, not a good one, he couldnt aford it, just one with enough skill and power to get through. Then there was the Ne'kari, only one encounter and there were only two. They only just got away. Later in the night his guide ran of.

While he was reconting he wasn't looking at the road. he triped over a root. four ne'kari burst up, surounding him. He closed his eyes and thought of the life he had, and the life he would never have. His anger was calmed, and in the lake of tranquility that was his mind, he let himself drift
I will help you. That was the last thing he heard   

The End

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